Friday, July 20, 2012

Bad Summer...BAD!

Okay, I think its official...this summer is too hot for brewing in St. Louis!  I WANT to brew, but all the styles of beer coming up on my schedule require lower temperatures than my basement can hit right now.  I guess if I want to brew before fall, I will need to get my chiller working ASAP!

So, all you gadget-minded people...I may need your help to finish getting my glycol chiller finished.

That's really about all I have going on right now.  I am trying to wrap my head around the process and what all I still have to purchase in order to get it going.  This is assuming that the A/C unit that was used before still works...  I guess I will have to consult with others on this one.

That's it for the time being.


Monday, July 9, 2012


As promised, I racked the Mesquite Mead onto one vanilla bean and about an ounce of Medium Toast French Oak on Sunday morning...and I also started the Purple Pyment!  Within a couple hours, the Pyment had a really nice krausen going, which made me very happy considering the yeast I used had been in the fridge for well over a year!  It's nice to see that dry yeast, if kept cool and then properly rehydrated can take off like that even after so much time has gone by!

Planning to brew again in a couple weeks...hoping to get the "Strawberry Alarmclock" (tentative name) started as well as another batch of the Peach Fuzz (need a new name for this one), since I have people asking for bottles of it.  I am also thinking of bringing back one of my old favorites, slightly tweaked.
I think it was my fourth beer that I had ever was called Summer Sun Ale and was a light beer (I may use my Blonde as a base) that had Lime, Ginger and Mint in it.  It was refreshing, and after a month or so of aging, it was REALLY enjoyable!  I had a couple friends that were very sad when we drank the last bottle of it...

Anyway, I'm just rambling now...

More in a couple days, hopefully!


Friday, July 6, 2012

What a Day!

Got TWO batches done today!  The base Lambic for Up The Kriek is done as well as the Lucky Man IPA!  It was hot out...took FOREVER to get the beer down to 75.  I gave up and put it in the carboys at that...I wasn't wasting any more water to get it to 70.  It'll get there on it's own...maybe.

Now we just have to wait and see what happens on the fermentation side of things...I pitched two smack packs on the IPA.  Why, you ask?  Well...that's a secret...but I will tell you that I have something planned for the yeast cake!

On a related, but completely different note...I was on Goose Island's website (I know, I was shocked too) and found out some information about their Fleur, which I enjoyed the one time I had it.  Made me think...I can make a beer like that!  Found out it's a low-hopped APA (32 IBU) that has Hibiscus and a tea in it.  The tea gives it a nice Strawberry flavor that I found was the main thing I remembered about the beer, other than it was a ruby-ish color.  Well, I decided to formulate a recipe for it using the information I found...I think I'll brew that one in the next month or so just for kicks.  I have to re-think the theme for my Fruit / Spice line, though...there isn't a pun involving Strawberries!!

Going to rack that darn Mesquite onto Vanilla (one bean) and Medium-toast French Oak this weekend and start the Purple (Concord) Pyment...I am definitely back into this whole brewing thing!

More soon!


Monday, July 2, 2012

This town is too hot...

Well, the party went well and my Suicide Blonde Ale did not survive until the end!  It tapped out about 8:30 that evening!!  The other two survived, and are still hanging on by a thread...I really think they will tap out soon if I would actually get down there and have a beer!

So, here are some updates since the last couple of posts...

Up The Kriek Cherry Lambic (aka Kriek):
Still has NOT been started!  I am going to brew this week after work, as evening brewing may prove to be a little less this should be started soon.  I am going to make a dedicated carboy just for my sour "line" of beers.  If this is even a close success, then this will be the first of many sours I will make!

Mesquite Mead:
Nope...crash cooled for a week and a half and still nothing!  Time for the last-ditch effort of racking to another gallon jug and see what happens then.  If it still doesn't clear, then I guess it will be time to put it on some fruit...heck, I may just do that anyway!

Now, some new stuff!

IPA, anyone?!?  I am going to brew (a day or two after the Lambic) an IPA that I have tentatively named Shrapnel IPA (It's a hop bomb).  I am looking for something a little more musically-inclined, though, as I am starting to lean toward that naming thought with all of my beers that aren't "special". 

Here's a theme I've thought up for my different "lines":

Standard brews - Music-inspired names (ex. Suicide Blonde)
BIG brews - BIG names, possibly boxing-inspired (ex. Heavyweight Barleywine)
Holiday brews - Holiday / Seasonal names (ex. Long Winter's Nap Ale)
Fruit / Spice brews - BAD puns...will, as much as possible, involve the fruit(s) / spice(s) used
Sour brews - Witty / Comical names (ex. Up the Kriek Cherry Lambic)

If anyone has ideas, please feel free to share them with me!!!!

I'll have more after the next brew session!  Cheers!

**EDIT - 7/5/12**
Taking 7/6/12 off to brew the base Lambic for the Kriek and the "Lucky Man" IPA!  The Emerson, Lake & Palmer song, "Lucky Man" holds a special place in my heart.  Hearing it while grinding the grain for this IPA (done 7/4/12) made me realize this is the perfect name for this beer.

New themes! - see original post's been changed!