Monday, May 6, 2013

Kegged & Cleaned

Got some kegging done yesterday!  FINALLY kegged my "Up The Kriek"...this one is going to be good once it's carbonated!  I also kegged the Psycho Killer (Qu'est Que C'est) Biere de Garde...I think this one is going to be tasty as well...they both smelled, looked and tasted pretty good going into the kegs!

I then cleaned up all that equipment.

That was pretty much all the time I had this weekend for beer stuff!  Will be brewing again soon...I have the following 4 beers in line to make:

Cream Ale
Robust Porter - to be aged on Scotch-Aged Oak cubes
Brown Ale
Oud Bruin

All of these still need names, but I will get to that sometime soon as well.  I know I am beginning to think I need a bigger kegerator!

Until next time...