Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So, I just finished racking the Vanilla-Oak Mesquite Mead and the Purple Pyment over to finish clearing and aging...then I thought I may as well start a couple new ones!

In the picture, you see The Aphrodisiac (v 2.0) and Jolly Pumpkin. Both have been started this evening! Behind them are the Mesquite and Pyment, in case you were wondering.

Now we wait...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Christian's Brew

So,  it's been a little while since anything has been posted on here...blame the weather!  It's been too hot to brew and when I am doing random things (racking, kegging) I don't think that it is post worthy.

Anyway, as I have not mentioned on here before, I am about to have a son!  In late December or early January, my girlfriend and I will be welcoming our son (his name is the title of this post) into the world.  I want to have a beer ready to share upon his arrival, so that poses the question...what to brew?

I already knew that, if it were a girl, I'd have been making the Strawberry Fields Forever (Strawberry Saison).  Since it is a boy, I don't want to make a  fruity "girly" beer...I want more of a "manly" beer that isn't too big.  I am thinking something like an American Stout, Robust Porter or Old Ale...leaning more toward an Old Ale, although I really need something that won't "offend" my friends that aren't too big on "dark" beers.

All these decisions...I do know this: this is going to be a one-off beer.  I will make it only for the birth of my son and will not make it again, unless he asks me to make it for him when he's old enough...or heck, I may just give him the recipe and have him brew it himself.


P.S. - Any thoughts can be left as a comment!