Monday, June 14, 2010

Mead Bottling and Racking...

Saturday was a day of Mead for me...I bottled the following:

Wildflower Metheglin (Corriander & Cardamom) - A little spicy from the spices added, but it is interesting and nice...will be great once it mellows a touch!
Chyser (Cherry Cyser) - This one is not my favorite. Perhaps a bit of age will make it better, but it could be that I just don't like Cysers after all.
Blueberry Bliss - This one is pretty tasty! A little tanic still, but I think that will age out quickly.

Since I had the motivation, and they were ready, I racked the following:

Mandarin Methomel - Racked this one on to 22 oz. of Mandarin Orange slices, along with 1/2 tsp. Ginger (ground), 1/2 tsp. Cloves (whole - crushed), 1 Star Anise "flower" and 1 5" stick of Ceylon Cinnamon.
The Aphrodisiac - Racked this one on to 24 oz. Grade A Maple Syrup and 1 5" stick of Ceylon Cinnamon.

More later, I am sure...

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  1. Looking forward to tasting these, and seeing as I like cysers....