Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Christian's Brew

So,  it's been a little while since anything has been posted on here...blame the weather!  It's been too hot to brew and when I am doing random things (racking, kegging) I don't think that it is post worthy.

Anyway, as I have not mentioned on here before, I am about to have a son!  In late December or early January, my girlfriend and I will be welcoming our son (his name is the title of this post) into the world.  I want to have a beer ready to share upon his arrival, so that poses the question...what to brew?

I already knew that, if it were a girl, I'd have been making the Strawberry Fields Forever (Strawberry Saison).  Since it is a boy, I don't want to make a  fruity "girly" beer...I want more of a "manly" beer that isn't too big.  I am thinking something like an American Stout, Robust Porter or Old Ale...leaning more toward an Old Ale, although I really need something that won't "offend" my friends that aren't too big on "dark" beers.

All these decisions...I do know this: this is going to be a one-off beer.  I will make it only for the birth of my son and will not make it again, unless he asks me to make it for him when he's old enough...or heck, I may just give him the recipe and have him brew it himself.


P.S. - Any thoughts can be left as a comment!

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