Monday, October 22, 2012

Christian's Brew - Brewed!

Christian's Brew-

8.75 lb.  Golden Promise Malt
4.25 lb.  Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt
0.50 lb.  Crystal Malt I (45L)
1.00 lb.  Flaked Barley
1.00 lb.  Lyle's Golden Syrup (added @ 15 min.)

0.70 oz.  Target (14% AA) @ 60
1.00 oz.  East Kent Goldings (5.5% AA) @ 5

Wyeast 1098 British Ale Yeast

I mashed this beer for 60 mintes @ 148 degrees.  It was a little cooler than I had initially planned (was shooting for 150), but I'm not complaining...

Looked great going into the fermenter (exact color I wanted) and fermentation started quickly!

Here it is less than 18 hours after pitching the yeast!  Going STRONG!  Started this on Friday, October 19th.  Should be ready to be BOTTLED by the beginning of December.  Special labels and all that jazz being worked on as we speak!


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