Monday, April 26, 2010

This past weekend...

So, Friday night did not go as planned at all! I caught a case of the lazies and didn't bottle a darn thing and was in bed by 9:45 (pathetic, I know)!!

Saturday was much better! I woke up and got over to Dale's ( by 8:00am so we could carpool to the St. Louis Microfest Homebrew competition for judging. We got there and had a great time judging beers and chatting with fellow brewers from the St. Louis area...couple that with the severe weather and it made for a fun and interesting day indeed! I judged the morning session with John Sullivan (Light Ales) and the afternoon session with Larry "Lwood" Wood (Dark Ales).

Sunday was finally the day...after long talking about it, I FINALLY bottled! I bottled the following:

Stroker Acer Acerglyn
Cinnamon Stick Metheglin
Orchard Pear Cider
Rauch & Roll Smoked Dusseldorf Alt

They all turned out pretty well! I am really happy with the Cinnamon Stick and Orchard Pear. Pleasantly surprised by the Rauch & Roll and only slightly dissapointed with the Stroker Acer. The Acer should be better after some bottle-aging, though!

All in all, a good weekend!!

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