Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday brewing...

Well, I brewed up 5 gallons of Prizefighter Barleywine (OG 1.104) on Sunday, which was put onto some of the yeast from the Suicide Blonde...bubbling and had krausen within 6 hours! I tell you what, this conical is a nice way to tranfer and re-use yeast!!

I also racked 3 gallons of the Suicide Blonde onto a LOT of hot peppers to make the Fire-Eyed Blonde for my dad. I must've gotten a little Habanero under my nail because my entire left hand burned for the rest of the day!!

Brew day went great overall, and I really think I am starting to get a handle on my processes. I don't get the best efficiency, but even Jamil Zainasheff (of The Brewing Network) says that is something homebrewers shouldn't worry about. The only thing I have left to figure out is exactly how much more wort I need to put into my kettle...I can't believe I boiled off 3 gallons in that 2 hour boil!!

Up next...brewing an American Stout!

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