Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Soul Searching...

As the temperatures are finally looking to start cooling and the "brewing season" may start up again, I find myself with a I really want to keep doing this?

I have enjoyed beer ever since I could get it (not necessarily legally, either!), and enjoyed craft beer since I was introduced to it...that said, there are so many great breweries out there and great beer that it makes me wonder why I keep trying to make it myself.

I am not scientifically minded, so that's not it...and the "art" involved in it has gotten kind of stale. Now, granted, I have enjoyed quite a bit that I have created, but I just don't know if it's worth it anymore.

I will still make Meads and Ciders, though...less equipment, more unique, and less space needed to do it.

I don't know...I guess I really need to do some thinking and figure it out.


  1. I think an ATF group brew may be in order later this fall, then if you want to take a break you can and the beer will brew on. It is true that brewing beer is a bigger hassle and time commitment, but I do enjoy the process, so I can only speak for myself. I have a hard time thinking about brewing with this heat anyway and you are right, seems like great craft beers are everywhere. There is always the option of taking a break from brewing, I did for over a year. Maybe focus on meads and ciders, I'll be glad to sample. Mead Day was encouraging to me and so far no repeat mead geysers, about time for me to transfer to gallon jugs and add to each individually habanero, star anise, maybe some orange rinds in one that I have been soaking in vodka for an addition to my wit (which won't stop fermenting) and if I still have enough either a plain or add some frozen raspberries I found in the freezer that I had forgotten about. Have a drink while you think!

  2. Also as far as all that science stuff, don't let facts confuse the true issue. Usually the answer is never the answer, it is the search of the mystery that really counts