Tuesday, August 10, 2010

National Mead Day

Well, National Mead Day (August 7th) has come and gone...but there were a couple really good things that came from it this year! First, Dale had a nice "meading" at the Penrose Pub where many great meads were shared (along with great company). Second, the official start of the ATF-STL (All Things Fermented - Saint Louis) happened!

From the ATF Blog:

"The ATF is a St. Louis area "non-club" that is all about the appreciation of, well, all things fermented. It focuses more on the things that most home brewers can create, such as beer, mead, cider and the occasional wine. It will provide an educational outlet for those seeking to increase their knowledge and improve their fermented beverages, all while providing a friendly atmosphere where they can feel free to share their beverages and get honest feedback."

I am looking forward to seeing how this non-club goes!!

Check the ATF out at: http://atf-stl.blogspot.com/

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