Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I am off work from December 23 - January 3...guess what I am doing?!  That's right...brewing a LOT of beer!  I won't give out too much information, but know that I am brewing at least 5 times in the 11 days I am off.  Here is a very brief run down of what I am brewing:

Wicked Winter Warmer - this beer is going to be an attempt at Pete's Wicked Winter Brew, which I have not had since 1996.  It is an amber(ish) ale that will have Nutmeg and Raspberry in the mix.  About 5.5% ABV

Ebenezer Ale - this beer is going to be a Golden Ale, spiced with Vanilla, Cinnamon, Clove and Coriander.  About 6.7% ABV

Middernacht (Midnight) Dark Strong Ale - this is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale that will be aged on Pinot Noir soaked French Oak (medium toast) and Brett C.  About 8% ABV

Old Stock Ale - this is going to be an Old Ale, plain and simple.  About 7% ABV

Kaiser Weizenbock - this is my Weizenbock (strong German Wheat beer).  About 7.5% ABV

I may throw in another beer or two if time, budget and room allows...may need to buy another carboy or two!  One hint, beer that I brew may, in fact, be a LAGER!!

Unfortunately, none of these will be done in The Brewhemoth this go around.  I am saving that space for a 10 gallon batch to be determined in January!

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