Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lazy Winter Evenings...

So, I need to get off my butt one of these nights soon...all three of the beers that I brewed over my vacation are ready for the next step.  Fermenting at 60 degrees made things take a little longer, apparently.  The krausen has dropped on all three of them finally and I can now rack to secondary or bottle / keg.

The Middernacht Belgian Strong Ale will get it's dose of Brett Claussenii and Pinot Noir soaked French Oak chips and sit for another (yet to be determined) amount of time.  The other two will probably just get put in clarifying for a week before I bottle them...yes, I said bottle.  Decided that I am only going to keg certain beers and still bottle a lot of them (for now).

I also have two ciders and four meads that need to have something done with them too!  I am going to bottle up one cider (the one gallon batch) and probably keg the 5 gallon batch.  The meads will be bottled, but they may not be clear enough yet, so I may just have to rack them again...

Okay, that's enough rambling from me for now. 

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