Monday, January 3, 2011

Vacation Brewing

While I did not get all of my brewing done, I did make a dent!  I brewed up 5 gallons of the following:

Wicked Winter Warmer
Ebenezer Ale
Middernacht Dark Strong Ale

All are fermenting away fact a couple are almost finished!  Will be moving them to clarifying / secondary in the next 5 or so days.

I still have more to brew, but the windy weather and a touch of a cold sidelined me after Thursday (12/30/10).  Friday was NOT a good day to be outside brewing...with all the Tornado Warnings and such.  Windy on Saturday as well, and then Sunday I felt like garbage (thanks, sinuses) for over half the day.

Will finish up those last 10 gallons sometime soon...just need to free up carboy space now.


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