Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brewing Area

So, the area of the basement that is now known as the "Brew Room" is getting a little updating finally!  I bought another set of shelves to put all my brewing gear on and I have a lot more stuff organized and straightened up.  I am really happy with the progress down there and really can't wait until we decide to start taking the bathroom down there apart and start putting up walls!  Granted, I will lose a little space because we are planning on increasing the bathroom's size a little and we will be putting up walls, so I can't spill out like I do now...but that is a small sacrifice!  We will be finishing the basement probably in the next year - a little at a time.

I have set up my old dorm fridge, which will be for commercial beer storage and the current beer fridge will be converted to the kegerator.  I will have three taps flowing soon...I am hoping by December!  Since I don't have any real walls down there now (other than the bathroom), I don't have anything hung up yet.  However, I have been thinking about putting up a couple of my signs or mirrors, though, just to give it a little more of that bar feel!  I will hang them on the small wall outside of the bathroom and IN the bathroom (after a good cleaning and perhaps a quick coat of paint).

That's all I have for now...hoping to brew something in the next week or two, just need to think of what I want on tap!

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