Saturday, May 19, 2012

Back in the Saddle...

So, it's been a LONG time...

Saturday, May 12th, I brewed up two batches...the base for my Peach Fuzz Wheat Ale (the wheat without the peach) and my Suicide Blonde Ale.  Both are waiting for transfer to secondary or kegs...haven't decided yet.

Monday, May 14th, I brewed up my new Brown Porter "Little Brown Jug".  Almost hit my numbers dead on and it fermented FAST!!  I think it finished in two also awaiting it's next container.

This weekend, I plan on bottling up the meads and cider that have been sitting for far too long...only after a quick taste test to make sure they are fit to serve!  They all look good, so I have good feelings about them.  I also plan on transferring the beers to their next home, which very well may be kegs...they are clearing out nicely and look to be finished (gravity check will determine for sure).

I also have big plans coming up soon...a Kriek (Cherry Lambic)!  I haven't thought of a final name yet, but I am thinking about:
  • "Sauerkirschen" (Sour Cherries in German)
  • "Zure Kersen" (Sour Cherries in Dutch)
  • "Sour Cherries" Belgian-Style Lambic
  • "Up the Kriek" Cherry Lambic
  • "Cherry Creek" Lambic
So, let me know your thoughts...

Here's to Beer!  I'm glad I rejoined this hobby...I almost forgot how fun it is.


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