Monday, July 9, 2012


As promised, I racked the Mesquite Mead onto one vanilla bean and about an ounce of Medium Toast French Oak on Sunday morning...and I also started the Purple Pyment!  Within a couple hours, the Pyment had a really nice krausen going, which made me very happy considering the yeast I used had been in the fridge for well over a year!  It's nice to see that dry yeast, if kept cool and then properly rehydrated can take off like that even after so much time has gone by!

Planning to brew again in a couple weeks...hoping to get the "Strawberry Alarmclock" (tentative name) started as well as another batch of the Peach Fuzz (need a new name for this one), since I have people asking for bottles of it.  I am also thinking of bringing back one of my old favorites, slightly tweaked.
I think it was my fourth beer that I had ever was called Summer Sun Ale and was a light beer (I may use my Blonde as a base) that had Lime, Ginger and Mint in it.  It was refreshing, and after a month or so of aging, it was REALLY enjoyable!  I had a couple friends that were very sad when we drank the last bottle of it...

Anyway, I'm just rambling now...

More in a couple days, hopefully!


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