Monday, July 2, 2012

This town is too hot...

Well, the party went well and my Suicide Blonde Ale did not survive until the end!  It tapped out about 8:30 that evening!!  The other two survived, and are still hanging on by a thread...I really think they will tap out soon if I would actually get down there and have a beer!

So, here are some updates since the last couple of posts...

Up The Kriek Cherry Lambic (aka Kriek):
Still has NOT been started!  I am going to brew this week after work, as evening brewing may prove to be a little less this should be started soon.  I am going to make a dedicated carboy just for my sour "line" of beers.  If this is even a close success, then this will be the first of many sours I will make!

Mesquite Mead:
Nope...crash cooled for a week and a half and still nothing!  Time for the last-ditch effort of racking to another gallon jug and see what happens then.  If it still doesn't clear, then I guess it will be time to put it on some fruit...heck, I may just do that anyway!

Now, some new stuff!

IPA, anyone?!?  I am going to brew (a day or two after the Lambic) an IPA that I have tentatively named Shrapnel IPA (It's a hop bomb).  I am looking for something a little more musically-inclined, though, as I am starting to lean toward that naming thought with all of my beers that aren't "special". 

Here's a theme I've thought up for my different "lines":

Standard brews - Music-inspired names (ex. Suicide Blonde)
BIG brews - BIG names, possibly boxing-inspired (ex. Heavyweight Barleywine)
Holiday brews - Holiday / Seasonal names (ex. Long Winter's Nap Ale)
Fruit / Spice brews - BAD puns...will, as much as possible, involve the fruit(s) / spice(s) used
Sour brews - Witty / Comical names (ex. Up the Kriek Cherry Lambic)

If anyone has ideas, please feel free to share them with me!!!!

I'll have more after the next brew session!  Cheers!

**EDIT - 7/5/12**
Taking 7/6/12 off to brew the base Lambic for the Kriek and the "Lucky Man" IPA!  The Emerson, Lake & Palmer song, "Lucky Man" holds a special place in my heart.  Hearing it while grinding the grain for this IPA (done 7/4/12) made me realize this is the perfect name for this beer.

New themes! - see original post's been changed!

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