Wednesday, October 13, 2010

American Stout

Brewed this one last night (10-12-10).  Missed the gravity by ONE point!

Here's the recipe:

12  pounds North American 2-Row
  1  pound  Pale Chocolate Malt
  1  pound  Roasted Barley
 .5  pound  Crystal I (45L)
 .5  pound  Dark Crystal I (65L)
.25 pound  Extra Dark Crystal (140L)
  1  pound  Flaked Oats

  1  ounce  Horizon Pellet (12% AA) @ 60
  1  ounce  Cascade Pellet (6% AA) @ 30
 .7  ounce  Cascade Pellet (6% AA) @ 5

Wyeast PacMan Yeast

It smelled and looked pretty good last night, so I have high hopes for this one!  Not sure if I will Dry Hop this one or not...will know that when I take it to the clarifying step.

Hopefully I will brew again soon...need to free up a couple fermentors first, though!  Got too much mead aging, I guess...

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