Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tonight's Activities

I am going to finally bottle the Mandarin got quite shaken up during it's trip up the stairs this weekend, so it was delayed by a few days.  It still isn't as pretty as it was before moving it, but it will finish clearing (again) in the bottles!!

Also, I am going to start batch #2 of the White Grape Pyment that won a 3rd place at last year's HHHC.  I am going to use Sage Blossom Honey this time (no Cactus Blossom on hand), and will quite possibly add a little less than last the area of 2.5 pounds versus 3.  I want the grape character to shine through a little bit more.

And third, I am going to start yet another new experiment...the "Sublime Lemon-Lime Mead" will being it's journey this evening.  Here's the recipes for each:

White Grape Pyment -

2.5 - 3 pounds    Sage Blossom Honey (Northern Brewer)
1 gallon               Wild Organics White Grape Juice (Shop 'n Save)
1/4 tsp.                Fermaid-K

Lalvin D-47 yeast

Sublime Lemon-Lime Mead -

3(ish) pounds     Orange Blossom Honey
1 (64 oz.)           Minute Maid Limeade concentrate (Shop 'n Save)
1 (64 oz.)           Minute Maid Lemonade concentrate (Shop 'n Save)
1/4 tsp.               Fermaid-K

Red Star Montrachet yeast

Hopefully all goes well!

Update:  as of 7:00a 10-28-10, they were both fermenting well!  AND...

The Mandarin Methomel is not too bad!  It has a slight flavor of the spices and is honey forward.  Overall very subtle and drier than most of my others lately, finishing at a 1.008.  This one may do some good in competition next year!

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